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🌴 YC This Week, Upcoming Events (Healthtech, Harvard), Recap of Founders & Investors with AI LA

#015: Y-Combinator's Winter '24 batch in SF, Healthtech LA & Harvard events next week, and event recap of Founders & Investors with AI LA

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This group is 2,100+ founders, VCs, & operators and quickly became one of the fastest-growing & most inclusive tech communities in Los Angeles!

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Welcome to issue #015 of Emerging LA

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

This week is going to be an exciting one, especially with the latest Y-Combinator Winter 2024 (YC W24) batch set to present on the upcoming demo days on April 3rd and 4th.

Many are planning to virtually tune in and watch this batch, which has reportedly had a strong majority (about 70%) of the startups building in the AI space.

YC W24 Batch

I will be up in San Francisco for a couple days this week.

If anyone will be up there, let me know!

Last week, we had another amazing turnout for our monthly Founders & Investors event with AI LA! This time we hosted it at the Techstars venue in Culver City

For those who don’t know me (yet) – hello! 👋

I'm Brandon Hoffman, the host of Emerging LA & GP at Sunset Ventures. After years on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, I was excited to return to Los Angeles and do my part to support my hometown. #LongLA

The vision for Emerging LA is an IRL community that unites people together to unlock LA’s full potential as a top emerging tech ecosystem in the world!

Enjoy the read, and see you soon.🌴

Events in this Issue:

  • Featured Event: 

    • HealthTech LA at Cedar Sinai in West Hollywood (04/11)

  • More Events:

    • Democracy in Action: Philanthropy's Role in 2024 (04/02)

    • Harvard Alumni talk on Indigenous nations in DTLA (04/09)

  • Event Recap

    • LA Founders & Investors with AI LA (Last Week)

🔥 Featured Event

Our top event that we recommend you check out!

Healthtech LA: Panel & Cocktails (04/11)

Ignite your journey in LA's Healthtech Scene Tomorrow Night!

Healthtech LA is a must-attend event for those in healthtech, medtech, and life sciences.

This Emerging LA event is co-hosted with Cedars Sinai Health Ventures, Chasing Rainbows, Sunset Ventures, and Mercury.

Agenda Highlights:

  • 5:30pm: Check-in

  • 6:00pm: Expert Panel on Navigating LA's Ecosystem, featuring leaders from Cedars Sinai Health Ventures, Eko Health, and more.

  • 7:00pm: Networking & Cocktails

  • 8:30pm: Wrap-Up

More Events

Upcoming events from our team and community partners!

Democracy in Action: Philanthropy's Role in 2024 (04/02)

Join us on April 2, 2024, from 6:30-8:30 pm in Marina del Ray for a pivotal event on enhancing our democracy through philanthropy.

Gain insights from leaders like Tiana Epps-Johnson and network with those safeguarding our democratic processes.

👉 Sign up here

(mention Brandon Hoffman from Sunset/Emerging LA in question #6)

Harvard Alumni Talk on Indigenous Nations on (04/09)

Join us for a gathering of Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) alumni from Greater Los Angeles!

​The meetup will take place in Downtown LA and will have a fireside chat titled "Sovereignty Matters: HKS builds its capacity to serve Indigenous nations".

HKS alumni will be prioritized, but if there is room, we will accept Harvard alumni from other schools and our friends from LA interested in policy.

Feel free to sign up; we will do our best to accommodate.

👉 Click here to sign up

📸 Event Recap

Highlights and photos from our recent community event!

LA Founders & Investors (03/27)

A Night of Insight and Connection: LA Founders & Investors

The LA Founders & Investors event at Techstars Los Angeles was a testament to LA's thriving startup ecosystem.

An evening filled with networking, laughter, and learning, it underscored the community's commitment to innovation and collaboration.

Engagement and Insights

The event was filled with engaging conversations, delightful tacos, and refreshing drinks, which set a perfect atmosphere.

The fireside chat featuring Joshua Y. Lee of Ardius (acquired by Gusto) and Scott Howard from House of Ventures was memorable, blending humor with business insights in a way that captivated the audience.

Scott Howard (House of Ventures) & Joshua Y. Lee (Gusto/Ardius)

Key Takeaways

Early Engagement is Crucial: Identifying and engaging potential product buyers early can pave the way for validation and successful acquisition.

Strategic Funding: Aim for funding that sustains growth to the next milestone, avoiding overvaluation that might deter future investments.

Community and Support

A special shoutout to AI LA, Sunset Ventures, and Techstars LA for making this event possible!

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