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  • 🌴 Upcoming: Upfront Summit LA Founders Brunch (2/29)

🌴 Upcoming: Upfront Summit LA Founders Brunch (2/29)

#011: LA Founders Brunch at Upfront Summit & ViVE HLTH Conferences, Emerging LA x Femtech Salon Partnership, Women's Health, Taylor Swift Eras Tour

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Welcome to issue #011 of Emerging LA

Happy Friday!

Next week has two large conferences going on in the Los Angeles area.

  1. Upfront Summit: put on by Upfront Ventures, one of the largest and most prominent venture firms in LA. The summit will bring 1000+ of the top investors, founders, and leaders into the city for two days.

  2. ViVE: produced by HLTH, a large digital health conference that is coming to the Downtown LA area for a captivating 4 days full of insightful conversations, networking, and entertainment.

Many of you may be attending these conferences, or may have connections from out of town joining us for a jam-packed week of activities!

We are hosting an event and will be attending many other side events, see below to learn more.

For those who don’t know me (yet) – hello! 👋

I'm Brandon Hoffman, the founder of Emerging LA. After stints on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, I was excited to return home to Southern California in 2019 and settle in Los Angeles.

The vision for Emerging LA is an IRL community that unites people together to unlock LA’s full potential as a top emerging tech ecosystem in the world!

Enjoy the read, and see you soon.🌴

Events in this Issue:

  • Featured: Upfront Summit LA Founders Brunch

  • More: Women’s Health events by Femtech Salon (our new partner!)   

  • Others: HealthTech Innovation, Climate Tech

🔥 Featured Event

Our top event we recommend you check out!

Upfront Summit LA Founders Brunch (Santa Monica): 02/29 Thursday AM​​

We are bringing 20-30 founders together for an intimate brunch gathering filled with builders tackling AI and/or digital health.

This is the LA Founders Brunch near the same area as Upfront Summit.

Hosted by Zendesk, Emerging LA, and Sunset Ventures.

​​This is a FREE event, and a full brunch spread will be provided for attendees for 2 hours.

Approval will be required:

  • Prioritizing founders that have raised a Seed round or beyond and are building in the areas of AI and/or Digital Health.

  • Select investors will be added to list that are focused on these areas.

Exclusive offer to Emerging LA community, even if you don’t join the event:

6 months of Zendesk for free - Click here

Upcoming events from our team and various ecosystem partners!

Emerging LA Partners with Femtech Salon to promote innovation in Women’s Health!

We are happy to announce that Femtech Salon & Emerging LA have partnered this week during ViVE to celebrate all things LA, Women's Health, & tech!

Follow the Femtech Salon’s newsletter to keep up with their events, learn more about the mission around Women’s health, and connect to partner!

Femtech is an emerging $1.8T industry, so we are bringing founders, investors, and operators focused on Women’s Health together at the following events:

Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour Private Viewing. Femme Hero Night (Los Angeles): 02/24 Saturday 7-10p

Sat February 24th, 7-10pm is Femme Hero Night, where the group will enjoy a private viewing of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film.

This is hosted by Emmeline Ventures & Femtech Salon.

Click here to sign up!

Evolving AI X Women’s Health Breakfast: 02/25 Sunday at 10a-12p

Sunday February 25th, 10-12pm will be the Evolving AI X Women's Health Breakfast

This is hosted by JPMC, Fenwick, and Femtech Salon

Email [email protected] to sign up!

📆 Other Events

Additional events that you may see us at around LA!

Welcome to LA: HealthTech 02/25 Sunday at 5.00-7.00p

ScaleHealth, Sidebench, Techstars Healthcare, BioscienceLA, and StartUp Health are teaming up to provide an extraordinary happy hour event. We hope to see you at this evening of networking, collaboration, and celebration with the leading innovators in HealthTech. The evening will be sponsored by Mercury, UBS, Fenwick, and Clearwater.

Click here to sign up!

Climate Tech AMA with MCJ Collective & Third Derivative (virtual): 02/27 Tuesday at 3.00-3.45p

Join us for an exclusive AMA session tailored for climate tech startup founders! Get insights and advice on scaling your venture directly from seasoned investors Cody Simms and Pilar Carvajo Lucena, with moderation by tech startup expert and investor Iván Markman. 

Click here to sign up!

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