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🌴 Recap: LA Founders & Investors event with Honey & Mucker Capital

Our biggest event ever, guest speakers Honey co-founder (George Ruan) & Mucker Capital founding GP (William Hsu)

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Welcome to issue #005 of Emerging LA

For those who don’t yet know me, hello! 👋

I'm Brandon Hoffman, the founder of Emerging LA. I grew up in Southern California, and after stints in New York and Silicon Valley, I was excited to return in 2019 and settle in Los Angeles. 

The vision for Emerging LA is to be an IRL-focused community that brings founders, investors, and operators together to unlock the full potential of LA’s emerging tech ecosystem.

If you attended this event, I hope you enjoyed and met a new connection!

If you didn’t make this event, I hope to see you at one soon!

Highlights, reflections, and pictures from our our latest event

Biggest Emerging LA Event with ~200 guests!

LA Founders & Investors 1/17 event VIP speakers: Honey CEO/Founder and Mucker Capital founding partner

We’re proud to announce that our first event of 2024 turned out to be a huge success!

There were 753 sign-ups, 399 approvals, and 193 checked in.

This marks the largest Emerging LA's event to date!

William Hsu and George Ruan spoke, with a focus on their journeys from humble beginnings to significant achievements (Hsu's Mucker Capital is a top-performing established fund in LA, and Ruan's Honey sold to PayPal for $4B).

Another highlight of the event… It was the first time I was on stage and grabbed the mic!

I have talked before about my introversion and shyness, so this is a personal milestone for me. :)

Thanks to co-hosts Todd Terrazas of AI LA, Justine Lassoff of Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs of SoCal, and Rex Wong for providing the Famecast venue.

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