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  • 🌴 Spotlights: 2024 Macro VC Report, Ahmed Mirza at Techstars, Espree at WeAreLATech, Liberation Coffee House

🌴 Spotlights: 2024 Macro VC Report, Ahmed Mirza at Techstars, Espree at WeAreLATech, Liberation Coffee House

#009: 2024 Macro Report on Venture, Ahmed Mirza at Techstars, Espree Devora on WeAreLATech to talk about founders prioritizing health, Liberation Coffee House in Santa Monica

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Welcome to issue #009 of Emerging LA

For those who don’t know me (yet) – hello! 👋

I'm Brandon Hoffman, the founder of Emerging LA. After stints on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, I was excited to return home to Southern California in 2019 and settle in Los Angeles.

My vision for Emerging LA is an IRL community that unites people together to unlock LA’s full potential as a top emerging tech ecosystem in the world!

Community changed my life. Without it, I would not have been able to travel the great distance I have to be where I am today.

That is why I am a firm believer in the power of community! The goal is for this community to play a role in shaping yours.

Enjoy the read, and see you soon!🌴

Spotlights in this edition:

  • Post: The 2024 Macro Report on Venture

  • Person: Ahmed Mirza at Techstars

  • Pod: Espree Devora on the WeAreLATech Podcast

  • Place: Liberation Coffee House in Santa Monica

Market BriefingGet the briefing Wall Street & C-Suites are reading.
The Colabcomms mastery.

📱 Spotlighted Post

The social posts and news updates you should read!

The Macro in Venture: 2024 Research Report

Dive into the dynamic world of venture capital with the comprehensive 2024 VC Macro deck.

This 72-page slide deck is an essential guide and provides a deep dive into the current market, offering:

  • Detailed Analysis: Explore the macro landscape, understanding key trends and their impacts on the VC world.

  • Future Scenarios: Gain insight into potential future market conditions with scenarios like 'Roll, Recession, and Rebound'.

  • Industry Connections: Discover how major issues, financial markets, and the VC scene are intricately linked.

Despite current market fluctuations and a cautious atmosphere, the deck emphasizes:

  • Resilience: viewing challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles

  • Momentum: VC firms are actively adapting and pushing forward

  • Stability: capital flow remains substantial and promising, despite a dip

Prepare for a 2024 market filled with both risks and opportunities, focusing on long-term growth and strategic vision.

Click here to download the full report from LinkedIn!

🤩 Spotlighted Person

The local VCs, founders, and leaders you should know!

Ahmed Mirza, Partner at Techstars

Ahmed Mirza, currently an investor with Techstars, showcases a diverse and dynamic journey in his career, positioning him as a standout in the venture capital arena.

Mirza's professional path began with a foundational 'tour of duty' in the investment banking world, an experience that started with a stint at Merrill Lynch.

After banking, Ahmed had valuable roles at DC Advisory (fka Signal Hill Capital) and a significant position in corporate development at Tungsten.

His rich background, characterized by a blend of traditional finance and strategic development, offers a unique perspective in the rapidly evolving world of venture capital.

Ahmed was also featured in Business Insider’s 2023 list of “66 Rising Stars of Venture Capital”

🎙️ Spotlighted Podcast

The local podcast episode you should give a listen!

WeAreLATech: Espree Devora on Prioritizing Health as an Entrepreneur

For this week's pick, we shine a spotlight on the conversation between Espree Devora and Cory Jennings, the Editor of WeAreLATech, focusing on the crucial aspect of mental wellness for entrepreneurs.

They delve into their own journeys, offering personal reflections and lessons on nurturing a positive mindset and emphasizing the critical role of self-care in the path to building a thriving business.

Espree Devora, recognized for her influential role in the tech industry, founded WeAreLATech and hosts related podcasts. She focuses on empowering tech entrepreneurs and nurturing a supportive innovation community. 

Cory Jennings, as the Editor of WeAreLATech, contributes his expertise in content creation and community engagement, shaping the platform's narrative to resonate with the tech community. 

Click here to listen to the podcast.

📍 Spotlighted Place

The hidden gem you should go to for a meeting, meal, or remote work session!

Liberation Coffee House

Discover Liberation Coffee House at the corner of Santa Monica and McCadden, a unique café staffed by graduates of the Center’s Culinary Arts program. 

This initiative, which started in 2019, trains LGBTQ+ youth and seniors for careers in hospitality. 

More than just a café, every purchase at Liberation supports the Center's vital programs and services. 

Align your workday with a meaningful cause.

Our Recommended Readings

The Colabcomms mastery.
Market BriefingGet the briefing Wall Street & C-Suites are reading.

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