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  • 🌴 4 days until AI & blockchain event with Lightspeed.. and panel revealed!

🌴 4 days until AI & blockchain event with Lightspeed.. and panel revealed!

#018: Panel revealed! Lightspeed talks with 0G Labs and Hyperbolic to discuss fronter technologies (AI & Web3) impact on modern industries

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📃 Summary of this Issue

Welcome to issue #018 of Emerging LA

Last week, we had a wonderful event with CogX for the VC & Family Office meetup in Century Plaza. Thank you to all who attended!

I had a nice rejuvenating weekend with back-to-back hot yoga sessions on Saturday and Sunday, and I am ready for the next two weeks ahead, which will be busy, busy, busy.

FarCon is coming to LA this week, bringing many of the best blockchain builders to town!

Our AI & Web3 event will be held this Friday during the conference weekend. I am extremely excited to have this high-quality panel (revealed below) discuss these two technologies and how they will impact industries and everyday life.

Next week, the CogX Festival will be on Tuesday. There is a chance I will put together a panel and moderate on the big stage! (Stay tuned)

I will attend the Milken Conference for the first time on Wednesday! Please reach out to anyone attending.

I hope to see you all this Friday or in the upcoming week!

For those who don’t know me (yet) – hello! 👋

I'm Brandon Hoffman, the Founder of Emerging LA & GP at Sunset Ventures. After years on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, I was excited to return to Los Angeles and do my part to support my hometown.

The vision for Emerging LA is an IRL community that unites people together to unlock LA’s full potential as a top emerging tech ecosystem in the world!

Enjoy the read, and see you soon. 🌴

Emerging LA hosts events that you don’t want to miss!

Future Frontiers: AI & Web3 Impact on Modern Industries Panel w/ Lightspeed Faction (05/03)

Come join the Future of Frontier Technologies AI & blockchain event panel in Santa Monica!

We are hosting an event on Friday, May 3rd, during Farcaster's FarCon weekend.

Emerging LA is collaborating with Lightspeed's Faction VC to moderate the panel that will discuss the questions you are wondering about:

  • How will these frontier technologies impact industries today?

  • What are the real-world use cases that these technologies solve?

  • What are the current dynamics between innovation and regulation?

Learn from the follow experts on the panel:


  • Timothy Khoury: Deal Partner at Lightspeed Faction VC. Formerly led investments at Digital Currency Group.

  • Jasper Yue Zhang: Founder of Hyperbolic, democratizing global computing for AI builders. Former senior blockchain researcher at Ava Labs and a math genius is winning national competitions in China.

  • Michael Heinrich: Founder at 0G Labs (raised $35M round), creating a modular AI blockchain to alleviate pain points of on-chain AI applications.

Early bird tickets sold out quickly last week. The general admission pricing will expire in 2 days. Get yours before it is too late!


We have partnered with Harvard, Wharton/Penn, and USC clubs focused on blockchain and SoCal alumni groups.

If you are associated with any of these schools, reach out and get your promo code discount!

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Use "ELA" promo code offered to our community for 20% off on the AI on the Lot event!

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