🌴 Deal Flow: Kindo - AI Security

#020: Kindo is building the security platform for companies to safely connect private data with any AI model

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📃 Summary of Issue #020

  • Deal Flow Edition - Kindo AI

    • Venice-based Kindo is a cross between AI & Cybersecurity

    • CEO is 3X founder and 3X security executive at 3X unicorns (including LA-based Riot Games and Bird Global)

    • Its Series A round is oversubscribed and closing this week

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A recent chat with a small group from the Emerging LA community led to a discussion about deal flow.

For the investors out there, you know how “sharing deals” is a topic that comes up often with other investors, be it a VC, angel, syndicate lead, or LP.

Some in the chat were aspiring investors who had not yet invested in their first deal. I remember those days… and making that first investment is a big milestone in the investor journey.

It just so happened that I had a hot AI Series A deal that I opened up with a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for an investment I had led on behalf of Sunset Ventures.

I invited her to join, and she was elated!

I was reminded of the impact of democratizing investment opportunities and offering a community so people don’t have to take that first step alone.

A few years ago, I co-founded Diverse Angels and saw firsthand the power that community can offer: capital + connection. We empowered women & people of color investors to invest in founders who looked like them.

With the Emerging LA community now at 2,500 strong, I wondered whether there would be yet another opportunity for us to make such an impact.

  • What if more people were empowered to emerge as investors in the Greater LA area?

  • What if they invested in startups based in LA or coming to the region to help Los Angeles emerge as a top ecosystem?

If you haven’t noticed already, I like to move fast and test new experiments!!

So here we are.

Welcome to the first “Deal Flow Edition” of Emerging LA! 

To test with an actual example, I will share the same AI startup that I shared with our elated community member mentioned above.

Read more to learn about the Kindo deal briefly.

There are only 6 slots and 24 hours left, so click this form to learn more if you are interested!

If not, rest assured there will be a follow-up issue to create more of a foundation for these deal flow editions and further test the community’s interest.

The latest deal with a startup based in or bound for Los Angeles!

Learn more about the $17M Series A Round

This Series A round is fully subscribed and closing quickly this week!

Allocations will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Submit this 60-second form to learn more and secure 1 of 6 spots before 6/4/24!

An AI-First Cloud Access Security Broker

Investment Summary

Kindo is building a security platform for companies to connect private data safely with any AI model and is positioned to win the $100B+ AI and cybersecurity market opportunity!

We are excited to invest in Kindo, which will benefit from AI’s disruption of the entire modern software stack. It is primed to win with a model-agnostic approach. It is led by a top-tier team of seasoned cybersecurity executives who have already shown early success with a "land and expand" enterprise strategy.

  • CEO is 3X Founder and 3X CISO at 3X Unicorns over 20 years! (Riot Games, Clover Health, Bird Global)

  • Current: $600K ARR from 4 large enterprises, Projected ARR → $2.1M by end of year

  • Pipeline of $3M ARR from 11 key customers & government contracts

Product Video

This Series A round is led by Drive Capital (Duolingo $4B IPO, Udacity), and other investors include RRE Ventures (Datadog $7.8B IPO, Palantir $22B IPO), Riot Ventures (Toast, Shield AI), Eniac Ventures (Airbnb, Reddit), Marlinspike (Anduril Industries, Armada, Privateer Space), Sunset Ventures, and New Era Ventures.

We have access to this over-subscribed deal through Sunset Ventures, opening up the SPV for this LA-based company to the Emerging LA community! 

Visit this form to learn more & express interest in a follow-up.

More Information:

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